Social Commitment of Mnrega- Inclusion of Physically Challenged Persons by  ‘Rajeev S.R’

An Analysis of the Democratisation of the Church: The Role of Liberation Theology by ‘Fr. John Mathew & Nithya N.R’.

Health Concerns of Work from Home among It Professionals by ‘Anju R.S. & Arunima S’.

The study of origin and growth of theeramythri project related to fishery sector in kerala by ‘ Remya R. & Suchithra Devi S’.

Decoding Gender Socialisation: A Case for A Grounded Theory Approach by ‘Ruksana K. & Antony Palackal’.

Economic Growth and Labour Market Conducive  Atmosphere : The Case of Kerala by ‘Sajin Philip & Ranjith Mathew Abraham’.

Book Review

“Ethical Response to Corruption” Review by: ‘Abhijith Rjendran.’