Focus of ISDA

  1. Promote academic research in development and public policy.
  2. Provide facilities for consultation and collaboration in academic matters.
  3. Organise meetings, seminars, lectures, workshops, symposia and conferences on social and scientific issues.
  4. Organise and conduct orientation/training programmes/ workshops in Social Science Research and Methodology.
  5. Print and publish magazines, periodicals, books and newspapers that may found necessary for the development and promotion of the society. Particularly in the thrust areas of theoretical and empirical research in development and studies in public policy.
  6. Study the problems of weaker sections of the society and device action programmes for their solution.
  7. Collaborate with other academic  institutions for dissemination of knowledge and scientific temper.
  8. Undertake assignments and action projects acceptable to the objectives of ISDA from Governmental and Non-Governmental sectors in their efforts of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of schemes/projects of rural, urban and local level development
  9. Invite scientists, experts and activists in various fields of academic knowledge to deliver lectures, orientation classes and research programs that are considered relevant to the benefit of the society.
  10. Strengthen the efforts of the people to seek justice and social equality and to campaign for structural reconstruction, popularization of science, efforts for protection of environment, exploration of new directions in education, cultural integration and national unity.