Publication Policy

           ISDA Journal, the multi-disciplinary and refereed Quarterly primarily focuses on development and public policy. The Journal has a track record of three decades of uninterrupted publication. The Journal invites empirical studies, conceptual papers and review articles that fall within the scope of the journal for publication.

         Our editorial policy is that we will not consider article/ research paper for publication, if it is currently being reviewed by any other Journal or if it has already been published or will be published elsewhere. The Journal or any part thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Editorial Board. All data, views, opinions, etc., are the sole responsibility of the authors. Neither publisher nor Editorial Board is in any way responsible for them.

         Authors should not submit the same manuscript simultaneously to other publications for concurrent consideration. Authors will have to issue a certificate stating that the submitted paper is an original work and has not been published elsewhere fully or partially, and that they have complied with all ethical standards. Authors are solely responsible for the authenticity of the data, analysis and the conclusions arrived at. The ISDA Journal, its Editorial Board and the publisher (Institute for the Study of Developing Areas) are in no way responsible for the data and their interpretations. Permission for reproduction of an article or any part thereof should be obtained from the Executive Editor

The journal provides open access and free downloads for researchers, faculties, students and all academic community who see it valuable.