Authors’ Right and Ethical Obligations

The Author holds the exclusive rights relating to their articles, submitted for publication in the Journal with regard to copyright, patent right, right to self-archive and use the content of their articles for their own future studies including seminars, lectures and books with an acknowledgement of its initial publisher viz. ISDA Journal.

The author should have the obligation to maintain integrity with true research ethics and scientific temper in analysing and representing research results. The author should warranty that:

  • The article/research paper submitted to the journal for publication is original and not published elsewhere in any form or language
  • Authors should not submit the same manuscript simultaneously to other publications for concurrent consideration. Authors will have to issue a certificate stating that the submitted paper is an original work and has not been published elsewhere fully or partially, and that they have complied with all ethical standards.
  • Results should be presented clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation
  • Data, text, or theories by others were not presented as if they were the author’s own (‘plagiarism’).